It's okay to be optimistic? Whaaaaat?

Today I had a test. I, like everyone else in this world, don't like tests. My nickname should seriously be bad memory bekah because memorizing information comes about as natural as dyed hair. (Also, if you missed my tweet from last week about how I think in dorky metaphors, corny jokes and inappropriate comments... now you know).

Anyway, I was sitting in a lounge with some people from the class studying and we were all just complaining so much about this test and about life and about everything. Then, it just hit me. What was the point? Why were we complaining so much? What good was this doing?

You should know, first of all, I don't think it's never appropriate to complain. I think it can be very therapeutic and can bring resolution to certain situations. Second of all, I realize I'm pretty much complaining about complaining. I contradict myself at times, I'm sure you do too, but this has a point.

So, I decided I was going to get over myself and simply quit complaining. I wasn't going to tell anyone else to stop, but I was going to stop. I immediately just started saying overly dramatic, optimistic things about how we're all going to make 100's on the test and that we're going to remember everything and blah blah life is filled with sunshine and happy things blah. At first I was just saying it to combat my pessimism. Then, it actually became genuine optimism and happiness. Whoah, what?

The test wasn't that bad and I feel like my happiness spilled out into my answers. I'm not sure if passionate is the correct word, but I feel like my answers had some passion in them. So, maybe all of my actions will have passion in them. Maybe I'll choose to be happy and optimistic and passionate instead of dwelling on the hard life of education. Maybe I'll help make other people happy and optimistic. Maybe they'll make other people happy and optimistic and it'll create this chain reaction of people becoming happy and optimistic and passionate and loving!!!!!!

I don't care if you think I'm naive. Yes, I'm an idealist but I feel like I'm also aware of the reality of life and the fact that there is enormous amounts of pain that needs to be dealt with and maybe needs to be let out through complaining. All I'm saying is that maybe we just need to learn some balance of expressing our pain and also bringing sunshine to situations.

Just some thoughts.

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