Bus Stop Diaries

Yes, this is one of those long posts. I'm only a little sorry.

One thing about living in Tallahassee is that I'm having to learn how to use a bus for the first time (at least in the US). It's actually a million times easier than I thought which is great.

Basically Monday-Thursday I have 12:30 classes. I go to the bus stop around 11:45 just to be safe (the bus usually comes around 12). So far, with the exception of one day, I have gotten to meet or at least have a mini conversation with people while we wait together. One thing I believe is that it's very dumb to waste 15 minutes pretending to stare at your phone rather than talking to the one person sitting next to you who has a least one thing in common with you: they're waiting for the bus.

After today I decided, why not share these fun stories! So, here I am.

I'll just share about today for now.

Today I got to the stop and there was a guy standing by the bus sign. I went to sit down because... well I had ran that morning and my legs felt like mush. He had this awesome leather bookbag on so of course I had to tell him I loved it!

Me (sitting a few feet behind him): "I like your book bag!"

Him: .....nothing.

No response at all. He didn't even turn. So of course, I'm thinking maybe he's hard of hearing which would be fun because I know how to say some phrases in ASL. It didn't seem as though he was which means that he totally ignored me or he doesn't speak english. He turned around and sat down next to me and we smiled and said hey. After talking a little with him I realized that he probably just had no idea I was talking to him because he was super friendly! I didn't catch his name but we had a short conversation before a lady walked up and sat in between us.

This lady was a visiting scholar from China. I've met a lot of people from China and India here... I LOVE IT! She asked where I recommend she should go in the US. Of course I told her NC! So I asked her where I should go in China and she said if I wanted lots of historical stuff I should go to Beijing which is cool because one of my new friends Linda (that's her American name) is from Beijing! But this lady said she was from (I think) Mohe County which is actually colder than Alaska! Then the bus came and we didn't get a seat together so that conversation came to an end.

After my class I was waiting for the bus to go back and I ran into that guy again! Turns out he's from the Netherlands! He's also a visiting scholar. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear or understand a lot of what he said because the bus was pretty loud. I did catch that he used to live with 16 other housemates and now he lives by himself. I told him my story about how my pictures kept falling off the wall and waking me up scared at 3am. He also said that all he has here are clothes and a flag one of his housemates gave him. When we got to my stop I thought he was getting off too but he didn't so our conversation was cut short. Maybe I'll get to see him again and see if he wants some decoration help or considering the fact that I eat dinner alone if he wants to eat with me.

The point is, I think we should be more aware of the people we get the pleasure of sitting next to everyday. Why not strike up a conversation? Even if it's about the weather maybe you'll start talking about China! Even if it's "so what are you studying?" It could lead to my conversation I had the other day with this guy from India who is extremely passionate about engineering and wouldn't stop smiling while he was talking.

The whole faking on your phone thing, totally 2012. Come to 2013 where we talk to each other!

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