To brag on my photo students just a bit

Well, this Thursday is the last day. Not even bitter-sweet, just kind of bitter. I really felt like I was making a bit of a break through. Especially because we did light painting last week and they LOVED it! I ended up having one girl that was there through the whole thing, one guy who was there mostly and a guy and a girl who only got to come to two of the classes. I learned a ton throughout this journey and I can't wait to find a Boys and Girls Club in Tallahassee.

I just want to brag on each of the four a bit...

Jada was the one who was at all but one of the classes. She has some real talent and really uses her brain. She's good at exploring different angles on her own. She's also very good at putting things in the rule of thirds. She's good at hearing me out on things and is definitely a leader (when she wants to be). Here's one of her best shots:

Tyrese is one who, unfortunately, was only able to come to two classes. He is a good self-starter and doesn't have to wait for me to tell him to take more pictures. He seems to really enjoy taking head shots of people. Last week we focused on concept photography and he was really good at sticking with a concept and zoning in on it. Here's one of his best shots:

Marsha is another one who was only able to come to two classes. She really enjoys taking shots of her friends. She's good at catching natural expressions and poses of people. She isn't shy about taking pictures and shoots a lot (which I think is great). Here's one of her best shots:

Sincere is by far the most passionate about photography. He was there for most of the classes and was a really good listener. He likes taking picture of nature and inanimate objects rather than people. I got to work with him 1-on-1 one day and he did a really good job of applying what I suggested but also making it his own. He's also good at finding exciting angles on his own. Here's one of his best shots:

All four of them are very talented in their own unique ways. It has been such a pleasure to get to know them (the good and the bad). They all have great potentials to go far in life and it's so amazing to see that potential come out during photo class. I'm getting some of their photos printed and giving it to them Thursday. I'm hoping they'll like them and keep them to show what amazing things they can accomplish when they put their minds to it.

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  1. I love the growth in the young people and in you in this endeavor. I look forward to more blogs like this in the future!!